Monday, January 4, 2010

Elastic bracelet

From left to right C1, C2,C3,C4 (from left )
C1,C2 are white and pink, C3 and C4 are colourful.
From left to right, B1, B2, B3 (from left)
B1 and B2 is white and pink colour, the B3 is white and topaz colour.
From left to right, so you looking at item 1, item2, item3, item 4,item 5 (from left)

You are looking at the elastic bracelet, yeah this way you don't have to worry you find it hard to clasp on.

Each bracelet is selling at MYR$18 inclusive of registered post Malaysia.

Hurry up grab them now before it is sold out.

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Postage Pos Laju WM : RM 6 EM : RM 9
Reg Mail WM : RM 4 EM : RM 4
Pos express WM : RM 4 EM : RM 4 (* applicable to 1 item only * subject to the item)
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Mode of Payment Maybank online
Public Bank online

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